This website Lawwatch is intented to bring together some important resources on law at one place in such a way it would anyone interested in learning them will have easy access to such diverse resources.

Menu system of the site

The menu Indian Kanoon takes you to a comprehensive search engine at

Law Search leads you to a Custom Search Engine covering a few law websites now and more of such sites will be included soon.

Law Watch menu points to a blogger site which carries a few articles and some other links. The menu Documents on the site includes some important documents.More documents will be added in due course.

Mail Group menu leads you to the home page of Law Watch - a Google Mail Group on law and related subjects. Those who want to join the Mail Group may visit its homepage for details or contact the Mail Group admin at

The menu Videos points to a website meant for educational videos on law and associated subjects. Some important videos worth watchig are included and its contents will be updated in due course.