This website – – intends to disseminate concepts, ideas and issues on some selected topics of law, in a form & language quite friendly to a layman, to its visitors.

Law is a vast subject. Nobody can become an expert even in a branch of law easily even in his lifetime. A person well versed in one area of law can be quite ignorant of other areas of it. But ignorance of law is not an excuse to escape the clutches of penal laws even when he violates it out of his/her ignorance. Therefore this website aims to shed light on some select areas of law in a layman’s language so as to help its visitors build up their knowledge of law.

The governments, both at the centre and the state, have been bringing out endless number of legislations in a faster rate in recent times. The courts are also issuing judgments that have the force of law on a daily basis. A plethora of rules, regulations and statutes are also being brought out. All these make it difficult for a lay person to have a clear understanding of the laws in force as of now. This website, by publishing some articles on critical issues of law, intends to bridge that gap to some extent.

The website admin has taken extreme care in ensuring the correctness of the legal details provided on this site, as far as possible. The articles reflect only the well settled positions of law in the country in general. However the readers have to recheck the correctness of law before they use any piece of information from this website.

Most of the write ups are based on reliable and relevant reference books or court verdicts. No attempt has been made by the author to flavour any of them with his personal opinion. However, the author has exercised his discretion in choosing the preferred or well settled position when equally acceptable divergent streams of thought or diametrically opposite versions are available on the same issue even in the apex court judgements.

The visitors of this site can suggest issues or topics on which they would like to see articles here on this website. They can ask questions or seek clarification relating to any of the write ups or issues included herein.

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