Granting NOC by Criminal Courts for getting Passports

The High Court of Kerala in Thadevoose Sebastian v The Regional Passport Office says that the grant of permission by the Magistrate enabling an accused to travel abroad will be of great significance, especially since it will be a process of balancing the fundamental right of a citizen to travel abroad and the need to ensure the presence of the accused during trial.

Rejection of Plaint under the CPC

The object of rejection of plaint is to weed out frivolous, vexatious and improper plaints at the very outset. Institution of a suit is by presentation of plaint in the manner prescribed by law in Order 6 and 7 of the Civil Procedures Code (CPC). A plaint shall not be duly instituted unless it complies with the requirements specified in Order 4 of the CPC. The court shall ensure entering the particulars of every suit in a register of civil suits and number them in every year in a serial order as the plaints are admitted.

Sexual Intercourse without Consent is Rape

Sexual intercourse of a man with a woman against her will or without her free consent is rape under, Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The consent should be an unequivocal voluntary agreement of the woman by words, gesture or any form of verbal or non-verbal communication, by which she communicates her willingness to participate in the sexual act in question.

Persons who affirm their Hindu Belief can Register their Marriage under HMA

When two petitioners, the first of whom is an Indian citizen who belongs to Hindu Community and the other a citizen of Filipina who got converted to Hindu religion as second petitioner, after undergoing sacred marriage ceremonies and rites according to the custom applicable to the community to which the first petitioner belongs held at a temple at Thrissur District and obtaining a certificate issued by the temple authorities evidencing the marriage was solemnized on 13.9.2016, the Marriage Registrar declined to register their marriage under the Kerala Registration of Marriages(Common) Rules, 2008. However, , when the petitioners approached the High Court of Kerala in Pranav AM v The Secretary, Engandiyur Gram Panchayat, the court asked the marriage Registrar to register the marriage under the above rules.

Accused cannot seek Analysis of Toddy B Sample

In Krishnan M.C vs State Of Kerala, a Division Bench of the Kerala High Court, in view of the conflicting decisions in different cases, examined as part of a reference whether the accused has got a right to get the second sample taken for analysis to the Chemical Examiner’s Laboratory, under Section 8 of the Kerala Abkari Shops Disposal Rules,2002. It was decided by the bench that the accused has no right seek chemical analysis of B Sample. There is no specific provision in the law for the purpose, as well.

Succession Rules applicable to Indian Christians

The law that lays down the rules of distribution of property of a Christian dying intestate (without making a Will), is the Indian Succession Act, 1925 (ISA). The Indian Succession Act, 1865, Cochin Christian Succession Act, 1921, Travancore Christian Succession Act, 1916 etc applicable to Christians in the past were repealed and consolidated into ISA.

Making a Complaint to the Consumer Commission

A consumer, aggrieved by a consumer dispute, can file a complaint in consumer dispute redressal commission at the district level called District Commission or at the state level called State Commission or at the national level called National Commission, depending on the value of the money involved in the dispute.