Mutual Consent Divorce u/s 13B of HMA

Mutual Consent Divorce is the quickest form of divorce for an irreparably broken marriage. It is the divorce sought and obtained from the family court by consenting spouses, preferably by filing a joint petition. Divorce is normally sought only when the husband and wife do not want to live together in a matrimonial relation any longer.

Attachment of Property before Judgement

The object of attachment before judgement is to prevent any attempt by the defendant to defeat the realisation of the decree that may be passed against him. The attachment aims to prevent the attempt of the defendant to dispose of or remove from the jurisdiction of the court, his immovable property.

Law relating to Injunctions in Civil Cases

Injunction is a judicial order requiring the person to whom it is directed to, to do or refrain from doing a particular act or thing. It is a preventive relief given by a court preventing a party from doing something. Injunctions are of three kinds: temporary, perpetual, or mandatory.

On Providing Oral Evidence relating to Documents

Two kinds of evidence can be produced before a court : they are all statements which the court permits and all documents including electronic records produced before the court for its inspection. Normally oral evidence cannot be provided to prove contents of documents but in specified situations oral evidence can be given in proving contents of documents.