Wife’s right to Claim Maintenance in India

Maintenance refers to the amount payable by a husband to the wife (or wife to husband) who is unable to maintain herself. It can be claimed either during the marriage or after the divorce. The objective of granting maintenance is to ensure that the dependent spouse should not be lead to destitution or vagrancy but it should not be a punishment to the other.

Collection of Parking fee in a Shopping Complex

A recent judgement of the High Court says in Bosco Leuis v State of Kerala, t is the prerogative of the building owner to decide whether to levy parking fee from the customers. The judgement says that if the building owner decides to levy fees it can be done after obtaining a licence from the local authority under Section 447 of the Kerala Municipality Act.

Law relating to Will in a Nutshell

Will is a solemn document executed by a person for planned disposition of his property after his death. If the Will is properly executed it would prevent many future clashes and court cases regarding ownership of property. In the absence of any suspicious circumstances, the presumption of genuineness of the Will would remain undisputed. Even though some infirmities exist they can be wholly neglected.